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  • Happy Farter's Day

    Father's Day is once a year, but for these kids, Farter's Day happens way too often ... In this celebration of farte...

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  • Why I Love My Daddy

    A heartwarming book featuring children's own words and animal illustrations, this is the perfect book to say, “I love...

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  • Daddy Cuddle

    AN ADORABLE PICTURE BOOK FOR DADS EVERYWHERE 'Daddy up?'It's early in the morning and one little rabbit is wide awa...

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  • Why I Love My Grandpa

    Featuring children's own words and heart-warming pictures, this is the perfect book for children to share with Grandp...

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  • Bad Dad

    Read David Walliams' latest bestselling children's book, Bad Dad, a fast and furious adventure for boys and girls age...

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